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Purchasers are searching potential suppliers or manufacturers via internet, sales catalogs or trade fairs. Many suppliers are presenting themselves like a regular and successful company with many years of business experience.However, there is no guarantee for finding a trust-able and reliable supplier if just searching from internet or roughly meeting in the exhibition. Therefore, it is fundamentally important to start the evaluation process with legal and experienced HK companies as your branch office in Asian in order to lower your risk, to save time and money.


i-Sense ( Asia ) can be act as your office in HK and China to purchase or source what you need , follow-up all of your orders and consolidate all of your goods base on your requirement which we can help you to save your time , cost and avoiding any misunderstanding in between you and your appointed suppliers .

"i-Sense ( Asia )" understands that each client has a specific sourcing process and through strategic planning. We are able to deliver cost effective " ONE STOP " - Total solution for Purchasing , Sourcing services and Trading solution.


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